“We wanted to thank you for helping us have a beautiful wedding. We’ve been receiving endless complements on the wonderfully original ceremony. It really was great for both of us. Aloha.”

– Courtney and Cris

“Thank you so much for the beautiful ceremony! We have been so happy and busy. You made the wedding perfect. Thanks for everything”

– Kellyann and Marc

“Hello from your newlyweds from the East Coast! Thank you for being a part of our memories of Hawaii. We hope to see you again when we return to the place where we spoke our vows. Best wishes. Aloha!”

– Priscilla and William

“Thank you so much for a wonderful ceremony. My only complaint (is the day) went by all too fast. I hope to someday renew our vows and once again have you present the ceremony.”

– Michele and Dan

“Thank you so much for all your help. I’m a grateful mother. As I told you, I feel Chuck and Page are “well married,” and (I) hope they remember every word! It was a lovely day! Aloha no.”

– JoAnne

“…we wanted to thank you again for conducting such a beautiful ceremony for us. Your words, style, energy and grace were a significant and memorable part of our wedding. Every person loved what you had to say. Many said it was the best service they’d ever heard. They said your words were so real and beautiful. We had to agree. Thank you again. We’re so happy we met you. Much aloha.”

– Terry and Chris